Four new AI labs start with a total of 16 million euros from NWO and companies

The four new AI labs are part of the ROBUST programme, a new initiative by the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI). The ROBUST AI programme aims to strengthen the Dutch artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem by boosting fundamental AI research. The programme is supported by the University of Amsterdam and 51 government, industry and knowledge-sector partners. ROBUST focuses primarily on the development of trustworthy AI technology for the resolution of socially relevant issues, such as those in healthcare, logistics, media, food and energy.

Seventeen new public-private ICAI labs will be set up under the ROBUST umbrella and form part of the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI), thus bringing its lab total to 46. ICAI focuses on AI talent and knowledge development in the Netherlands.

Radboudumc is one of the 17 knowledge institutes participating in ROBUST and will host four new healthcare ICAI labs: MERAI Lab, HEALTHY-AI Lab, AI for Parkinson lab, and CARA lab.

MERAI Lab will be led by Colin Jacobs, Healthy AI Lab will be led by Henkjan Huisman, AI for Parkinson Lab will be led by Luc Evers and CARA Lab will be led by Jos Thannhauser.

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