Silvan Quax completed a BSc in Physics at the University of Utrecht and a MSc in Physics (cum laude) at the Radboud University. In October 2015 he joined the Artificial Cognitive Systems group of the Donders Institute as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. dr. Marcel van Gerven and dr. Sander Bosch. He investigated the neural mechanisms that modulate our perception using neural network models. Since April 2020 he joined the Radboudumc Technology Center (RTC) Deep Learning as AI Scientist and Lab Manager of the AI for Health ICAI lab. The RTC Deep Learning leverages the expertise of the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group in using machine learning, specifically deep learning, to analyze images and other medical data. The RTC Deep Learning functions as the main portal for all questions regarding the use of deep learning in the Radboudumc and can provide expert guidance and services for big data analysis and deep learning, specifically in the field of image analysis but also on predictive analytics in general.